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7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

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246 Brown Parkway, Building 500, Suite 124

Manpower & Organization

The Vance Manpower and Organization Office’s (MO) primary mission is to facilitate continuous improvement and advise leadership on the management of resources to create the most effective and efficient organization and processes.

Our goal is to promote the most cost efficient use of Vance AFB manpower resources through manpower and continuous improvement activities, consultant studies, and productivity enhancement.


We Provide The Following Services:

    • Performance Management
    • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)
    • Management Advisory Studies
    • Requirements Determination
    • Air Force Manpower Standard (AFMS) Applications
    • Expeditionary Manpower Planning
    • Support Agreement Review
    • Commercial Activities
    • Program Allocation and Control
    • Unit Manpower Document (UMD) Management
    • Civilian Position Description (PD) Reviews
    • Organization Structure
    • Organizational Change Request (OCR) Assistance
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If you are a Commander, Superintendent, or supervisor looking to manage your UMD, change your Organization Structure, Improve your work-center, or even if you are just interested in our field, give us a call or come see us!

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