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Vance Outdoor Recreation

ODR Items For Rent

ODR has many items for rent for those back yard cookouts, weekend camping, squadron parties, or family time. From camping equipment, boats, campers, kayaks, bicycles, gardening tools, shade tents, games, party equipment, cooking grills, utility trailers, carpet cleaners, and lawn mowers are just a few of the items we carry. Stop in or see gallery below to look at our complete line of available items for rent!

Download our brochure for a complete list of rental items, updated pricing and more information on RV Storage, resale lots and the Deployed Vehicle Shelter regulations.

Outdoor Recreation


ODR RV Storage

RV Storage

On a break from your next adventure? The RV storage area on base is a secured compound and has rental spaces to park your RV equipment and other vehicles. Parking spaces are priced based on size.

ODR Vehicle Resale Lot

Vehicle Resale Lot

Base personnel can rent a parking space by the week to sell their personal vehicle.

ODR Deployed Vehicle Shelter

Deployed Vehicle Shelter

The Deployed Airman Vehicle Shelters are for active duty military personnel assigned to Vance who are assigned on a deployment mission.

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