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Ragan Ramsey

71FSS Recharge For Resiliency

Recharge for Resiliency (R4R) is the capstone for resiliency programming across the Air Force. R4R provides resources that fosters unit cohesion, culture, mission, and sense of community among Airmen and their families. R4R is comprised of four components: Single Airmen Program Initiative (SAPI), RecOn, Deployed Affected Program (DAP), and Unite. Each component is designed to reach a specific targeted audience.

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Deployed Affected Programming

Allows all Air Force and Space Force assigned service members returning from deployments or dependent-restricted assignments and their family members to participate in FSS activities. Eligible family members may participate while the member is gone and upon their service member’s return. Members who have deployed in support of an active operation and are on a dependent-restricted assignment, and their dependents, are eligible for this initiative. The deployed service member and their family are eligible upon receiving official orders during the deployment and up to 1 year after the service member returns to the home station.

Unite is focused on “Revitalizing Squadrons.” Unit commanders are in the best position to execute resources that benefit Airmen/Guardians under their authority. This initiative provides commanders with the funding to initiate programs that help their *squadron. This program will benefit all Airmen/Guardians in a unit; Active, Reserve, and Civilian (appropriated and non-appropriated employees) directly assigned. Unite funds are allocated based on per capita end strength, according to the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC), Retrieval Applications Web (RAW).
Single Airmen Program

The initiative provides a wide variety of social and positive recreation opportunities through Force Support Squadron (FSS) recreational activities. Also, the program offers Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR)-life skills classes to “create a single Airman/Guardian culture that supports the “whole person” – healthy lifestyle,” improve technology and communication within FSS programs and activities. Air Force and Space Force Active Duty or Air Reserve Component officer or enlisted member without a spouse are eligible.

An initiative designed to address the challenges faced by deploying Airmen/Guardians by providing high adrenaline supervised Outdoor Recreation programs. This initiative will provide opportunities to Airmen/Guardians gearing up for deployment and returning to their home duty station after deployment as they reintegrate into regular social networks, family life, and local communities. RecOn is offered as part of the installation FSS Outdoor Recreation programs only.
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