Plains Pool

Wednesday – Friday
1100-1900 Open to the public

Saturday – Sunday
1300-1900 Open to the public

1000-1200 Available for private parties by paid reservations





Plains Pool: 580-213-7638

Pool Coordinator: 580-213-7830

Pool Supervisor: 580-213-7948

71FSS Kiddie Pool

Age Limit

The Kiddie Pool is for children 12 years of age and under.  No children over the age of 12 years will be admitted into the Kiddie Pool.  Children must be accompanied by and under close supervision of an adult (18 or older) at all times.


An authorized pool user is permitted to bring no more than two guests, except in the case of bonafide houseguests.  All guests must be accompanied by their sponsor.  The sponsor must remain with their guests at the pool complex throughout their guests’ stay.

Maximum occupancy

The Kiddie Pool is limited to 30 total people at one time to include both adults and children in the pool and on the deck.  If maximum occupancy is reached, no more individuals will be allowed into the Kiddie Pool until someone leaves.  Usage is on a first come, first served basis.

Appropriate Swimming Apparel

Only proper swimming apparel is allowed in the pool.  Children not toilet trained must wear approved swimming diapers.  Swimsuits for adults should be appropriate for public facilities.


Small daily use lockers are available for customer use at no cost.  Please bring your own lock.  The Plains Pool is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Lifeguards will clear the pool of all swimmers during lightning warnings (10 miles out) and other weather notifications.  The pool may be closed when it is considered necessary in the best interest of safety and welfare.  The Pool Coordinator or Lifeguard will immediately notify the Pool Supervisor / Director of Community Services if pool is closed under these circumstances. 


When the Kiddie Pool is closed due to weather or mechanical emergencies a sign will be posted at the entrance gate.  Once all clear has been given, the sign will be removed, and normal activities will resume.

Pool Parties

Private pool parties are available Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Pool parties are scheduled for 1-2 hours at a cost of $50 per hour.  If scheduling for 1 hour, the party must start at 11 a.m.  Payment for party must be paid in advance to defray the NAF expense of lifeguards.  Patrons will abide by current pool rules. Reservations and payment must be made 3 days in advance at the Fitness Center, Bldg. 316 / 213-7670.

Plains Pool Information


Pool Guide
Pool Guide
To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all patrons, the following rules apply for all persons using the Plains Pool.   Lifeguards and pool management are authorized to remove any person from the pool complex who fails to comply with these rules, or otherwise behaves in an unruly or unsafe manner.


1. Each authorized pool user is allowed to bring no more than two guests to the pool complex at a time. The sponsoring member(s) must remain at the pool complex throughout their guests’ stay.

2. Individuals experiencing the following conditions shall be prohibited from entering the pool: diarrhea, skin disease, open sores, or lesions, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal, or ear discharge. Any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol (to include having the smell of alcohol on their person) will not be permitted in the pool complex.

3. Only proper swimming apparel is allowed in the pool. Children not toilet trained must wear approved swimming diapers.  Swimsuits for adults should be appropriate for public facilities.

4. A shower is required prior to entering the pool.

5. No breath-holding or prolonged underwater swimming contests.

6. No diving into the shallow water.

7. Parents are responsible for watching their children.

8. The following are not allowed in the pool complex: Running, pushing, shoving, dunking, fighting, and/or profanity, glass containers, chewing gum, or motorized toys/equipment (except motorized handicap chairs).

9. Eating is allowed only in designated areas. Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool seating area and wading pool seating areas.  Use of alcoholic beverages in the pool complex is prohibited.  Smoking and tobacco products are not allowed at the Plains Pool.

10. Strollers may be brought to pool seating areas only and cannot be placed poolside.

11. Only properly sized and fitted US Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices, types I, II, or III are authorized. Pool toys (including flotation aids and swim gear) may be denied by the lifeguard if they feel the item is unsafe or the pool is too crowded for safe use.

12. No pets are allowed in the pool area. Exception: American Disabilities Act (ADA) service animals are permitted on the pool deck and in restrooms but not in the pool itself. In addition, Security Forces working dogs accompanied by handlers are permitted in swimming pool areas as required.

13. Secure the gate upon entering or leaving the Kiddie Pool.

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